Choosing Our Future: Sustainability !

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Our Mission

To collaborate with others to connect the following ideas

  • An ecosystem approach to environmental protection and planning;
  • Less dependency on Carbon based energy sources;
  • Sustainable urban design, planning and energy use;
  • Transportation options that promote community, healthy lifestyles and real Choice;
  • Local economic development models that encourage local food production;
  • Diversity in accommodation that promotes resiliency and respect for all;

By developing proposals based on these interconnected ideas, IslandTransformations.Org will provide individuals, organizations and governments the tools and resources required to meet the challenges of climate change and changing demographics.

Get Involved

  • Join ITO or to find out when and where our next meeting is, contact us here
  • Contact your MP/MLA/council
  • Do you like our mission statement and want to know what we think about certain developments? Did you know that in order to achieve the goals set out in our mission statement above, we support policies that Professor Donald Shoup . You could say that we are the Victoria regions Shoupistas.