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Board Member Profiles

The postitions and profiles that follow are as approved at the AGM, 8 May 2012.


Irwin Henderson

Irwin is an independent communications and planning consultant who enjoys working with voluntary organizations, charities and private clients.  He has been part of projects to reduce homelessness, promote alternative transportation, and further planning for neighbourhoods and the region.

He is a long-time member of this coalition, The Island Transformations Organization, former chair of Victoria’s Advisory Planning Commission, mentors the Victoria Youth Council, and is a member of Capital Bike & Walk Society, BC Crystal Meth Society, Tibetan Refugee Aid Society, and Rondo Piano Academy. In addition, a renown organist.


Gerry Howell-Jones
Corporate Secretary

 After graduating from Queens University, Belfast, and then emigrating to Canada, Gerry continued his studies in Geography at the University of British Columbia. His masters theses focused on historical settlements. He has held a number of positions including managing the Canada Land Inventory Program and Environment Secretariat, the Resource Analysis Branch at the BC Ministry of Environment after which he moved to the Wildlife Branch where he spent 12 years.

He was responsible for resource planning, pioneering geographic information systems, field coordination, wildlife conservation and administration. Since taking early retirement in 1996, he has followed his passion for the environment, sustainability, heritage and social justice. In Victoria, Gerry pioneered plastic recycling and was elected chair of the Heritage Building Foundation. He set up and chaired the Capital Area Rail Initiative Group (CARRIG) and in 2002 organized the SaveRail Coalition to retain the E&N Railway on Vancouver Island. Gerry is a director of HumanHorizons.Net, an online resource enabler network assisting the developing world.


Steve Koerner

(Bio pending)


Dick Faulks

Dick retired from Her Majesty's Canadian Dockyard in Esquimalt, Victoria, BC in 1986 after 35 years service as a machinist. His early years were spent in Edmonton, Alberta where his regular mode of transport was the streetcar. Dick and his wife, Beverley, have traveled by rail throughout Japan, Australia, and the United States with more frequent visits to Britain and Europe, backpacking by Rail Pass.

Dick believes that railways in Italy, Switzerland, Austria, Germany, France and Britain, are good examples of how rail blends so beautifully -- and very often unobtrusively -- into both city and rural settings through a wide variety of terrain. He is convinced that the Capital Region would be a much more pleasant place with rail transport serving it, the docks to Langford, to the University of Victoria, Victoria International Airport and the ferry terminal at Swartz Bay.

Dick's time is now dedicated to working with others to promote an efficient, cost-effective rail transportation system for Victoria which meets the needs of communities, encourages sustainable development and relieves congestion and pollution.  He is a founding member of ITO, a member of Greater Victoria Light Rail Society (formerly the Greater Victoria Electric Railway Society) and of SaveRail, supporting the E&N.

Vice President

Robert Wickson

Robert Wickson is a Partner in Discovery Economic Consulting, a consulting firm that provides expert testimony to the Courts and other economic advice.  He earned a double major Bachelor of Arts degree in economics and history from the University of Victoria in 1983.  In 2007, Mr. Wickson began testifying in the BC Supreme Court as an economist expert.

Mr. Wickson has been an active member of the Greater Victoria Chamber of Commerce since 1990, holding the positions of Chair of the Environment and Transportation Committees, President (2000), Director of District 2 Member Chambers for South Vancouver Island (2001-2002), and Executive Member (2004).  He was the 2006/2007 Chair of the BC Chamber.

Mr. Wickson’s previous positions include Chair of the City of Victoria’s Transportation Advisory Committee, Director of the Victoria Green Challenge Society (publisher of the Environews), Director of Smart Growth BC, Treasurer of the Spectrum Job Search Centre, and President of   He is currently President of the Greater Victoria Bike to Work Society, a Director of Capital Bike and Walk, and President of the Gorge Tillicum Community Association.


Bob Trotter

(bio pending)