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Calgary Researchers make breakthrough on storing energy for fuel cells
The Canadian Press, March 28, 2013

As revealed in the article, one of the greatest difficulties with most renewable energy sources is that they usually do not produce 24/7; but, when producing efficiently and that energy not immediately needed, what then? Here is a new invention that could make a difference all over the world.  And, In British Columbia, we have hydroelectric dams that can act like giant capacitors.

 Chevron refinery explosion reminds us that fossil fuels are killers
By Michael Parks, Grist, 9 August 2012

The Search for Energy Takes a Turn Underwater
By JESS BIDGOOD, NYTimes : August 9, 2012

"Next week, a device that looks a bit like an eggbeater turned sideways will be lowered into the water here to catch the energy of the rushing water, spinning a generator that, come September, is scheduled to begin sending power to the grid." (ITO comment: there may be potential for such an installation on the BC coast!)

How solar power came to a Brixton council estate
by Mark Briggs of The Ecologist, 25th April, 2012

Obama's Pitch on Energy -  

NYTimes OPINION   | March 29, 2012
Editorial:  New Rules for New Power Plants
The Obama administration proposed limits on carbon dioxide emissions for new power plants that will combat climate change and enhance public health.

NYTimes OPINION   | February 15, 2012

The proposals in the president's new budget are essential for addressing global warming, reducing America's dependence on foreign oil and creating clean energy jobs.  We can ask our MPs to strive for nothing less!


Oil executive son's testimony at Prince Rupert Northern Gateway pipeline joint review panel
Carrie Saxifrage, Posted: Feb 20th, 2012


Canadian oil for Canadians
By Hanne Quillevere, Times Colonist January 18, 2012

"In view of the realities revealed in geologist David Hughes' 30-page report, The Northern Gateway Pipeline, I strongly feel that Enbridge's pipeline project, now vigorously pushed by Big Oil interests, is an unrealistic and irresponsible energy initiative highly dangerous to Canada."

Germany shows a greener way
By Spencer Baird, Times Colonist January 18, 2012

"...they have created a quarter of a million jobs, and this has given rise to a $50-billion renewable energy business in Germany. And they have exceeded the greenhouse gas emissions target in the Kyoto protocol by 50 per cent."

A Gold Rush of Subsidies in the Search for Clean Energy
By Eric Lipton and Clifford Krauss - NYTimes, Business Day , November 12, 2011
Renewable energy has received exceptional help from the US government, mostly as part of the 2009 stimulus bill. (A lesson for Canada?)


Electric vehicles become reality in BC.
BCHydro News, 4 Nov 2011

An excellent newsletter from BC Hydro.  After browsing the EV plans for BC, have a look at the options for energy rebates on new or renovated housing, including solar incentives.


There's no need to fear clean-energy policies
We should support BC leadership that tackles climate-change issues.
By Andrew Weaver, Times Colonist October 28, 2011


New York Times | October 21, 2011
Texas Lines Go Up to Ferry Wind Energy to Cities
Thousands of miles of transmission lines are being strung across the state to ferry wind energy from remote areas to major cities, at an estimated cost of $6.8 billion.

NB by ITO: Note the role of private enterprise; will that work in Canada? Let's get started !!


NYTimes OPINION   | September 25, 2011
Editorial:  The Solyndra 'Panic'
One solar company's failure should not deter robust public investments in clean energy.

There is a lesson here for Canadian governance and industry.


How do we handle the infastructure for the EV world?

EverGREEN solutions for E-vehicles

an excerpt:

In the U.S., Washington State is planning to offer the first interstate charging network, stretching 580 miles from Oregon to Canada. The units, installed and managed by the California-based AeroVironment, will be strategically spaced 40 to 60 miles along the I-5 corridor to cover a majority of EV ranges. Similar to the UK model, these stations will offer a rapid-charge of 30 minutes for compatible vehicles and a standard option taking four to six hours.
As with any new technology, this is just the beginning. Next generation fast-chargers are said to power batteries to 50 percent capacity in as little as three minutes—with full charges capable in 10 to 13 minutes. Companies are also working on automated “battery swap” stations that would get motorists back on the road in under one minute; considerably faster than today’s conventional gas stations.


Our most urgent topic for the BC and Canadian Governments !

"Our" World is About to Get a Whole Lot Smaller !

Jeff Rubin tells us that will be our fate in his latest book which has been reviewed for the Globe & Mail .  The reviewer summarizes his critique of this energy alert as follows:

"...once you get past the bit of self-congratulating (by Rubin) in the introduction, the book is a great read, and one that should be required for anyone with a long-term interest in Canadian energy, transportation, manufacturing or agriculture. "
And, an Associated Concern - Global Warming !
Here is a Canadian Press Article on Global Warming!

Thursday Aug 20, 2009, 7:25 PM - By Seth Borenstein, The Associated Press


 And the following report now places Canada as world's third worst polluter!
 Perhaps Hawaii should be the model for Vancouver Island Planning?
Hawaii Tries Green Tools in Remaking Power Grids

Hawaii has set out to become a living laboratory for the rest of the country, hoping it can slash its dependence on fossil fuels while keeping the lights on.
But, BC may take the lead in Canada with programs like: Live Smart BC

BC Hydro Smart Grid Plan - 1 Jan 2011  and  Colwood Announcement - 24 Jan 11

and now, 25 Jan 2011,  the project has been contracted:

Feasability of replacing Fossil Fuels

Clean Coal, or Diesel?

Open pit coal mine

Most of us have heard of the "clean coal" terminology, especially during the presidential debates between Obama and McCain, but is there even such a thing as clean coal? Well, the answer is no.  Although the Alberta government says otherwise!  Please read the following two NYTime references:  "Clean Coal"    and   "No Clean Coal"

Diesel Engines and Public Health

Diesel engines power most of the nation's trucks, buses, trains, ships, and off-road equipment. But each diesel engine can produce tons of air pollutants over its lifetime. With mounting evidence that diesel exhaust poses major health hazards, reducing diesel pollution has become a public priority.

What are the Green Alternatives?

A wind farm

Wind Generator Systems

There are a variety of wind generator options ranging from towers on land as shown for regional distribution, towers beside buildings or industrial sites for self sufficiency, to roof top installations on homes.

Click here for News and Views on that subject

roof top solar panels

Solar Energy Systems

Solar panels likewise can be mounted individually as shown or in great arrays or farms not unlike the wind farms. The variety of options, limitations and costs will be found on the following linked pages.

Register for the next BCSEA on-line meeting re Solar Power

Wave and Tide

Wave and Tidal Generation Systems

Mother nature provides yet another natural source of renewable energy with each wave of tidal movement that can be captured from constricted areas or on shorelines.

Click here for further News and Views on such options.

Miscellaneous Energy Sources

The myth that Independent electricity costs more to produce (video)

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Click here to see how your hybrid car can power your home in an emergency.

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