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"De-Railed" - Canada's Railways

The FILM, as presented by Dr. Linda Savory at the University of Victoria, on Thursday 6 June 2013 at 7 pm, was well attended and appreciated.

"De-Railed: The National Dream" is a 70 minute documentary by independent film-maker, Dan Nystedt, that examines the crumbling state of the Canadian railway system.  In light of the current negotiations to re-start VIA Rail's E&N service,  this film screening was very timely.

A 4 minute trailer for the film can be viewed at:

If anyone wishes to purchase a copy, they are now available from IslandTransformations.Org @ $20 ea. Every high school history class should know the mistakes that have been made in national and provincial decisions about transportation economics and sustainability.

Please join ITO and other organizations now striving to correct those errors in long term transportation options and infrastructure for Vancouver Island.

 Other jurisdictions are getting great provincial support:

Saskatchewan  and  Other Shortlines

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