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BC Government Must Act

Is anyone in the BC government listening?

The Victoria News article by ROSZAN HOLMEN:

Rail safety none of the public’s business
Published: May 25, 2012, expresses uncertainty about recent BC government pronouncements of support for the E&N based on the past history of of such promises.  In effect, "en guard"; we may have to "keep them on track"!

An earlier article had said much the same!

Time to develop a plan for traffic (read more)
Times Colonist editorial - May 22, 2012, and concludes:

"There are lots of reasons for the lack of progress, including the failure of local municipalities to take a united position on the region's needs. And no one should expect the government to fund some transportation wish list.  But traffic problems are worsening. They are reducing the quality of life in the region and hurting the economy.

The provincial government needs to show leadership."

ITO comment: If our readers agree, please write to your MLA tomorrow!

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I agree with Ms Holmen's common sense question: "if business interests are legitimate grounds to hide information about the safety of a bridge, then why on earth are we delegating these inspections to a private company?"