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Why BRT vice E&N Commuter?

Public Response to the Bus Only Lanes

Recently the CRD announced the intention of asking BCTransit to study and report on the costs of prompt introduction of Bus Only lanes on the Trans Canada and Douglas corridor, at least at peak hours; that being the most rapid solution prior to the Region being in position to fund the proposed LRT infrastructure for that corridor.

Here are the comments of two CRD citizens:

Louis Guibault & Patrick O.Hind

Their contention that the E&N corridor would be a far more economical and prompt action to take is certainly that which is endorsed by IslandTransformations.Org wherein the rationale for re-thinking the Johnson Street bridge options which are due for a hearing on 18 October 2012 (Read More)

Your responses to that proposition should go directly to your Mayor or Councillor at any time.


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