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"De-Railed" - Canada's Railways

The FILM, as presented by Dr. Linda Savory at the University of Victoria, on Thursday 6 June 2013 at 7 pm, was well attended and appreciated.

"De-Railed: The National Dream" is a 70 minute documentary by independent film-maker, Dan Nystedt, that examines the crumbling state of the Canadian railway…

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Why BRT vice E&N Commuter?

Public Response to the Bus Only Lanes

Recently the CRD announced the intention of asking BCTransit to study and report on the costs of prompt introduction of Bus Only lanes on the Trans Canada and Douglas corridor, at least at peak hours; that being the most rapid solution prior to the Region being…

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Modernizing the Partnership


Province releases report of the BC Transit Independent Review Panel

Modernizing the Partnership
Submitted to:
Minister of Transportation and Infrastructure
The Honourable Blair Lekstrom
14 August, 2012

Note the invitation for "Feedback" from all BC residents! Those who may wish to download the…

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Salsih Express Study

Eight mayors on board for Salish Express train
Service would roll in 2013, linking Victoria, Langford and Cowichan
By Bill Cleverley, Times Colonist July 11, 2012

"The commuter train would be in addition to a Via Dayliner service between Victoria and Courtenay."

Victoria Shuttle (study objectives, pa…

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Federal & Provincial Action Needed

The TC editor says (and we agree):

Region needs a traffic plan!
Times Colonist June 21, 2012

Our MP for the City of Victoria, Densie Savoie,

on June 21, 2012, in the House of Commons, delivers (and we agree):

The NDP Public Transit Strategy Petition

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Transportation Authority Proposed by CRD

Recent news reports provide reason for optimism on the subject of a Regional Transportation Authority:

CRD Pushes for Transit Takeover
Victoria Times Conlonist 24 May 2012

Transit takeover a good first step
By Michael Harrison, Times Colonist May 25, 2012

Capital Regional District has made its pitc…

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BC Government Must Act

Is anyone in the BC government listening?

The Victoria News article by ROSZAN HOLMEN:

Rail safety none of the public’s business
Published: May 25, 2012, expresses uncertainty about recent BC government pronouncements of support for the E&N based on the past history of of such promises.  In effec…

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Time for Public Disclosure & Debate!

Jack Peake of the E&N Action Group speaks to the media - 17 May 2012

Three interviews and all worth listening to:

CBC radio interview of Jack Peake, 17 May 2012 (8:07 min)

CTV video interview of Jack Peake, 17 May 2012 (3:14 min)

CFAX radio interview of Jack Peake, 17 May 2012 (15 min starting a…

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Transportation Authority Works!

CRD and Vancouver Island still struggle for a comprehensive transportation network!  That problem is well described as "Railway vs. LRT" - Two trains, two tracks, one medium-sized city....(but) CRD wants "unified" voice on transportation options; says Edward Hill in Saanich News - May 2, 2012  (Re…

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Transportation Development

OK, how do we get to where we want to go in transforming transportation options?

Avi says we need to Do a Better Job in Promoting Transit  (Victoria News, 20 April 2012) and gives a description of the many benefits that can be derived from stopping urban sprawl in favour of urban "densification".  …

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The E&N Back in Business

The De-railing & Re-railing of the E&N - an audio and video recap:

The gloomy days - End of the E&N? 10 May 2011

Some reason for hope - Christy Clark in Nanaimo re Provincial funding

Then, through the campaign by many organizations like IslandTransformations.Org, Westshore Communities, Island Cor…

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Benefits of Transportation Oriented Development (TOD)

Here is a lesson for BC and the  CRD:

New Jersey:  High Marks for Transit Hubs
By JILL P. CAPUZZO, NYTimes, 25 March 2012
Real estate sales are consistently strongest in towns along New Jersey's main commuter corridors.

Excerpt: "The study — which maps income, car ownership, employment, housing, co…

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Regional Authority Pending?

Perhaps the Minister has been paying attention to the multitude of transportation problems that have been placed before him, in particular those of the Victoria CRD; we draw your attention to the Times Colonist article on Saturday, 10 March 2012, "(proposals)....he will launch next week (12-16 March…

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CRD Commuter Rail - derailed!!

It does seem appropriate to add our voices to that of other Canadians in a video titled: "Canada - derailed"; and to convert all who will listen to our demands for an alternative to road travel for all things; i.e. rail!!

As far as the E&N operations go for lower Vancouver Island, Eric Ricker of Nan…

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ITO Proposes E&N corridor Commuter Service

IslandTransformations.Org makes a presentation to Victoria City Council, 16 February 2012, that proposes a rail capable bridge at Johnson/Pandora street "E&N" corridor entrance to downtown via a single track to and from a new terminal at the corner of Douglas and Pandora.  Read more here.

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CRD Population Growth & Potential

CHEK TV news 10 February 2012 - a 3 minute video re Westshore Growth of 30%  v.s. Victoria  4% is causing a number of livability problems that will demand more infrastructure; this program identifies a few of those problems but neglects the need for more public transport options.  One of those cou…

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Victoria Commuter Rail

What happened to the plans for commuter rail?
by Ross Crockford - January 2012 • FOCUS

Excerpt: "With the E&N, we could use the track that’s existing, and spend a few
dollars to upgrade it. It’s mind boggling to me that that wouldn’t be the first thing we would do.” —Jim Hartshorne"

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Letter to BC Premier re Transportation Authority

On the 28th of December 2011, IslandTransformations.Org sent an "open letter" to the Premier and Minister of Transportation and Infrastructure, suggesting that the Australian State of Victoria had established a model governance option for the implementation of regional transportation objectives.  Gi…

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Federal MPs Support E&N Funding

Restore E&N railbed now, MPs urge
Project key to future shipbuilding at Dockyard, Esquimalt-JDF NDP's Garrison
Judith Lavoie, Times Colonist, December 19, 2011

"Given that there will be nearly 1,000 new jobs created at Dockyard and traffic is already near gridlock at shift changes, the federal gover…

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Status Report re Rail on the Bridge

Here is an audio report on the status of the Johnson Street Bridge de-construction and the question of preparing the new bridge for future rail service if and when the E&N upgrades are approved.  It is a CBC interview of Ross Crockford of the Johnson Street Bridge Organization on Friday, 9 Dec 2011…

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