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Introduction of Discussion Options

Your turn to Speak Up on Transportation Issues

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This was amended on 24 March, 2012

The Transportation Blog                

This is where you will have your chance to ask additional questions, or make a statement about any aspect of our transportation objectives that you wish.

In the short term, we are urging municipal and provincial action on a light rail option for Victoria and the CRD; but we want to move ahead on associated issues such as: (for the detailed discussion of each, simply click on the titles below)

  1. Vancouver Island Inter Urban Needs and Routes,  Update - 16 July 2010
  2. Needs and Routes for Victoria's CRD, Why? For the same reasons as  Portland! - NEW
  3. Major Transport Nodes, like the Uptown Mall?  or, Ottawa?
  4. Feeder Service, (example New Hampshire) & Transit Tracking (Portland)
  5. Parking, (see how Calgary and Ottawa handle it)
  6. Management, etc. (Seattle shows the way) and (Seattle's Mayor)
  7. Free Ride Zones (Portland) - NEW

Here are some of the references that may be useful background for such matters:

The Victoria Prospective on Rapid Transit Options - September 2003


Victoria CRD - The ITO Proposal for a Regional Transit System -no need to download, just click on Web Site slide show Mar 03 , wait for it to load, then start the video.


A Transportation Architect's Summary of Societal Needs and Systems that Work!

Todd Litman - "Rail transit better than continuing to expand highways."

Current Status of the Victoria Region Rapit Transit Project - August 2009

ITO's Motions for Change in Project Guiding Principles And, Results

  The Politics of Parking - Focus Oct 09 - Robert Wipond

"We’re paying a lot for parking. An awful lot."

And, the latest roundup from the Vibrant Victoria Forum (6/2010)

Additional references:

Rail for the Lower Fraser Valley Campaign and the Leewood TramTrain report

"Plan transit based on where it's going, not where it's at today."

Business Case for Sky Train, and Expert's Critique of Sky Train v.s. LRT

Rail v.s. Bus Deliberations by other Cities:

Hamilton, Ontario - (Plans)   Waterloo, Ontario - (New)   Ottawa, Ontario - (Rail won)

But, look at what is happening now in Seattle! (Rail July 2009)

Or, Charlotte, NC (Observer 25 June 2010) NEW

Or, Colorado Springs (June 2010) excellent cost benefit charts!

And, look at South Africa's Gautrain (2008 award winner)

Or, Valencienne, and Brest, France (our size), or Phoenix, Arizona

The future transit for and livability in Detroit!

Portland Oregon sets another LRT standard - free zone service!

And, here is how some of those programs are funded in the US!

Having seen all of the above, we invite you to:

(see the feedback option in the bottom left column of every page); or

Tell BC Transit what you think is needed for Vancouver Island