Choosing Our Future: Sustainability !

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A Transit Survey of Victoria and CRD Communities


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Assuming that you have read the other pages of our transit status and future options linked to “Home” on the left side panel; we now have a series of poll questions that will tell us how you and your community perceive the need for change and how regional, provincial and federal authorities should proceed to satisfy that future need.

Below is a recent schematic of how rail and, light rail and bus services might be integrated for the CRD; please copy and print that image for your reference in answering the questions posed at the associated link.

2012 Survey of Transit Preferences

Our View of the CRD Future Network

Langford E&N Corridor

Commuter Upgrade Map

The map above shows:

our first priority upgrade as the Langford - Downtown corridor (A-B) as E&N extension to downtown with all day 25 minute interval service by rail from 6 am - 11 pm integrated with the ICF passenger service to and from up-ilsand; and

our secondary upgrade as LRT or PRT service during the same hours between Uptown Mall and Ogden Point (C-D);

then, extensions of LRT or PRT to and from Westhills, likewise Uptown to Victoria Airport, Swartz Bay and Sidney; Uptown to UVic, etc.