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"De-Railed" - Canada's Railways

The FILM, as presented by Dr. Linda Savory at the University of Victoria, on Thursday 6 June 2013 …

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Why BRT vice E&N Commuter?

Public Response to the Bus Only Lanes

Recently the CRD announced the intention of asking BCTransit …

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Modernizing the Partnership


Province releases report of the BC Transit Independent Review Panel

Modernizing the Partner…

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Salsih Express Study

Eight mayors on board for Salish Express train
Service would roll in 2013, linking Victoria, Langfo…

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Federal & Provincial Action Needed

The TC editor says (and we agree):

Region needs a traffic plan!
Times Colonist June 21, 2012


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Transportation Authority Proposed by CRD

Recent news reports provide reason for optimism on the subject of a Regional Transportation Authorit…

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BC Government Must Act

Is anyone in the BC government listening?

The Victoria News article by ROSZAN HOLMEN:

Rail safety…

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Choosing Our Future

A coalition with a vision to dynamically transform the way Vancouver Islanders live, work and play in their communities. We envision Vancouver Island being a safe, progressive, environmentally sensitive, energy self sufficient and lifeā€sustaining place for all its inhabitants.

Transport Options Then & Now

The Challenge GM and Big Oil gave us in 1950+

Diesels and Dollars - 1958

and now,

Look How Far we have Come!

Transit Archives

This is the reference location for articles that have been "current" news and, for the most part, will be found in chronological sequence.

Some of the most useful references are given in earlier pages relating to transit, but please browse here for a comprehensive list of interenet references.

Recent "Current" Letters

Options for Island Commuter Rail Service

Rail Service on Vancouver Island

B.C. Electric Railway Company purchase of Victoria property - 1910 - with exciting plans for the peninsula!

Via Rail - Travel between Victoria and Courtenay - On the E&N Rail Line - Book your own trip!

Click Here - for the sound and sight of the current train travelling through View Royal (Victoria)

Click Here - for a CRD press release (Sep 09) re the Rail Trail from Victoria to Langford by 2010.

Latest News re E&N - Dayliner may operate from Nanaimo instead of Langford - Nov 2009

E & N Division of the Canadian Railroad Historical Association - with links of interest there and below:

Nanaimo E&N Station - history and renovation plans - Port Alberni's Heritage Railway

Options for Providing Commuter Rail Service Between Langford and Victoria BC as presented by Geoff Pearce, September 2008,  C4CR (Communities for Commuter Rail)

Colwood Transit Interests as of April 2009

since that date, Westshore interests have been growing!

Community Liaison Committee Membership List - Victoria, BC (CRD)

This committee is charged with the task of determining the best options for improving access from the Western Communities to downtown Victoria and the Saanich Penninsula.  Click here for the current list of CLC members.

Victoria is not alone in the Traffic Jam Jungle !

Auckland, NZ 2006 (Do some of our officials have a similar fixation for rubber on the road?)

How to Install Rail Electrification and Its Financial Benefits

The UK provides a model for Vancouver Island and BC (Click Here)

Historical Railroading Facts & References

Who built Canada's first rail system?

The Changeover from Horse drawn Streetcars to Electric - Victoria BC 1888
"At the weekly meeting of the Board of Aldermen held on September 19th 1888, Council was presented with two applications asking for the right to establish a street railway system in the city."  
Chapter 4 "The National Electric Tramway and Lighting Company" Page 25 

Other notable statements:- one refers to the rush to buy up land along the announced line to the Esquimalt Naval Base and another refers to the idea of having a line to the Peninsula whereby a rail freight service could bring produce into the city. 
Another one:-  A writer to the Colonist objected to the placing of rails on Fort, Government and Store streets.  Another citizen offered this rebuttal, "To shut the cars of Government, Yates and Fort streets would be to rob them of one-half of their value and importance to citizens as well as preventing the lines from ever becoming a paying proposition." (Colonist, Nov. 28, 1888, p2)
excerpts from Douglas Parker

What are the CO2 (GHG) Emissions of Transit Vehicles?
(take your choice)
All Show that Electric Modes are the least damaging to our atmosphere!
(assuming that electric energy has not been produced by fossil fuels)