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Wind Energy Systems - News and Views


Taming Unruly Wind Power
By MATTHEW L. WALD - New York Times | November 05, 2011
After experiencing energy excesses that could have caused blackouts, utilities in the NW USA asked consumers to participate in a program in which they store surplus electricity at home.


Batteries at a Wind Farm Help Control Output
Published in SCIENCE - October 29, 2011

A wind farm in West Virginia has been using big containers of batteries to make the electricity from 61 turbines more useful to the power grid. (read more by the title link)

October 06, 2011
Letters:  Is Wind Power Right for Vermont?

A serious ananlysis of Pros and Cons. Trees or Coal Mines?


October 03, 2011
Green Column:  Homeowners and Businesses Embracing Small Wind Turbines

An industry association says that the market for small wind turbines in the U.S. grew 26 percent last year. Britain, too, has seen significant gains.


For Farm, Factory, City or Home?  Options Galore!

Some of the Bright Lights of New York’s Businesses Are Powered by Wind

April 22, 2009  NYTimes by JANE L. LEVERE

"The use of wind power by owners of commercial real estate in New York City is rising rapidly, but from a very low base, according to energy service companies, which supply the power to businesses."


Great News from the Province of British Columbia !

NaiKun Wind: Strategic Update and Third Quarter Financial Results

26 Aug 2010 status of the project introduced below:

Wind power surges in B.C.
by Tom Fletcher - BC Local News
December 13, 2009

Environmental permits have been issued for two large wind energy projects in B.C., and
work is to resume in January 2010, and in addition;

"The province's latest energy plan also directs BC Hydro to become energy self-sufficient by
2016, using clean domestic sources for 90 per cent of new capacity."


home wind generatorBringing Wind Turbines to Ordinary Rooftops

WIND turbines typically spin from tall towers on hills and plains. But in these green times, some companies hope smaller turbines will soon rise above (or near) a more domestic spot: homes and garages.

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